#049: you don’t get smarter with age

Postcard sent to Callum Campbell, an old Edinburgh school chum, now living in Warwickshire.

We weren’t close at school- he was in the year above me, for one thing. But later, I saw him around a lot drinking in Whigham’s Wine Bar, where I worked at during my college vacations.

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#048 my life is a blizzard

Postcard sent to Neil McIntosh in Edinburgh, currently the Director of BBC Online.

Neil was the top Internet-related journo in Scotland, back in the day, when he had the tech beat with The Scotsman Newspaper.

I met him a few years later when he was with The Guardian in London, and he was the first British newspaperman to publish my cartoons for a bit; this was back in 2001 or so.

His brother is Ewan McIntosh, who I also got to know in the early blogging scene of the early 2000s. Ewan is also the recipient of Scottish Project #045.

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#047: i’m so offended!

Postcard sent to Andrew Flowerdew, an old Edinburgh friend. He’s s the younger brother of Dr. Rob Flowerdew, who I was dorm mates with back in school. I got to know Andrew more during my college years, mostly during the Edinburgh Festival, hanging out with Rob and Ross Kennedy (recipient of Scottish Project #008) in Rob’s basement flat in Great King Street.

“Flowerdew” is an old Norman name that came over from France (with Andrew’s ancestors and William The Conquerer in the Invasion of 1066), derived from “Fleur de Dieu”, i.e. Fower of God. Very fancy.

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#046: everybody is jesus

Postcard sent to Crinan Dunbar, an old school chum and now one of the owners of the Pitgeveny Estate in Elgin, Moray, near Inverness.

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Scottish Project #032, taken from the gate of Stonyburn, the house my great grandfather built in Strathnaver, Scotland, where my cousin Catriona MacLeod now lives.

Everybody loves that gate. Everybody remembers playing with the big, red, lovely letters as children.

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045: i crave more status

Postcard sent to Ewan McIntosh , a buddy from the early blogging days, now living in Edinburgh. He was known back then as an early innovator in the education space, and has done very well with it since then.

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#44: gravity/consciousness

This postcard goes out to London-based Gia and Brian, one of my favorite couples.

Gia Milinovich is an old friend from my early UK blogging days, her husband, Professor Brian Cox is a well known pysicist who does a lot of TV shows and public lectures both in the UK and over here in the US. Both are real sweetheats and are sharp as nails.

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#043: your gift

Postcard sent to Scottish film director, Colin Kennedy in Glasgow, an old friend who’s part of the Sigma Films crowd.

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#042: where’s my poetry?

Postcard sent to Kevin Williamson. Scottish poet, author, book editor and old friend.

I’ve sent one to him before (#003); I just thought this one had his name all over it.

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#041: of course it was all vanity

Postcard sent to Ulrich Weisert, a long time SAP employee in Germany.

Because my mother was an enterprise consultant back in the day, SAP pretty much paid for me and my sister’s college education. So this is a payback move, of sorts.

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the big insight

My lastest Scottish Project postcard. Recipient yet to be decided.

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#040: i’m in need of better metaphors

Postcard sent to Seth Woods, a local friend here in Raleigh, NC.

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